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Dragon Excell™ Portable Blender

Dragon Excell™ Portable Blender

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Blend Everywhere

Imagine the freedom to go anywhere and be able to make your favorite smoothies or drinks without the restriction of a kitchen blender. Forget about having to wash dangerous blades and an unnecessary heavy pitcher. 

No more messes!

The Dragon Excell makes drinks just for you without the mess and frees you from having to clean with its self-cleaning mode.


What makes this product 5x better than the rest?

Holds a battery with twice the power of your kitchen blender. And the PCTG material prevents the cup it from cracking. 

Best Quality 

Its rechargeable battery holds twice the strength and battery lifespan of other portable blenders so you can make twice as many margaritas during a nice summer beach day!


Easy To Use

Cut the fruit into small pieces, add some water or milk, double-click the button to start, and wait 30 seconds to enjoy! 


Made with a 100% with organic compound material.

BPA and bisphenol A free.

How to use

**Click** How to Use: Dragon Excell Portable Blender

Easy to use
1. Cut the fruit into small pieces(1.5X1.5cm)
2. Put the fruit, once the fruit has filled around 60%, add some water or milk.
3. Double-click the button to start.
4. Wait 30 seconds and drink.


Due to high demand product will take up to two weeks to arrive.

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